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Sell Suncoast Business / How Do I Sell My Business?

David Sinclair and the other SBB agents know you have spent many years building your Suncoast / Sarasota business and your decision to sell is major milestone in your life.
We are the largest and most experienced office in the area -
- with only former Business Owners working here. We are experts at re-stating financial statements to show the true value of your company.

We market your company confidentially -
- locally, nationally, and internationally via our IBBA network, and on the websites with the most buyer traffic.
Sell Suncoast Business

We have been in business since the 80’s and will be here for you today and into the future.

The decision to sell your Business is the first step in the Selling process. We will work with the Seller to determine a proposed sale price, advertise the Business for sale, show the business, negotiate with a prospective purchaser, proper paperwork, legal details, financial info, and so much more. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. We will use our many years of experience to market your company without employees, customers, competitors, or suppliers finding out that your Business is on the market. We use techniques that will protect your confidentiality.

Sell Suncoast Business / What is My Business Worth?

Most small Businesses employ accounting methods that are designed to minimize profits, in a legal manner, so that the tax obligations are less. That does not portray your company in the best light for selling purposes. We are well versed in the way
Accountants, Lenders, and Buyers will look at your Company, and we can restate your financials in order to bring the highest price possible in the market place.

Valuation Service To Sell Suncoast Business

 We will prepare, at no charge, a comprehensive 20 page written report that will indicate what the Seller can reasonably expect from the Business sale. This valuation will help sell the Business faster, and will net the Seller more than a Business without a valuation. This information provides unbiased documentation that Buyers and their advisors can trust. Every Business is unique. Don’t sell without a professional valuation prepared by Sinclair Business Brokers.

Preparing to Sell Suncoast Business

We start with a preliminary, no-obligation, confidential meeting at our office or the Seller’s facility. General info is exchanged, and we can become acquainted with each other. Broker and Seller must have good chemistry, feel comfortable and trust one another so we can go forward. A business valuation is then preformed to provide Seller with a “price range” of value. The Seller will provide:
  • Two to Three years of Corporate Tax Returns, and a current List of furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, vehicles and any other assets that will transfer.
  • Copy of the Lease or Property Ownership
  • A business info sheet is completed that answers many items that will effect the selling process.
Finally, SBB and the Seller enter into a Exclusive Right To Sell Agreement, which gives Sinclair Business Brokers the right to market the company. The Broker and Seller develop a marketing plan, and discuss how Buyers will be handled, and reasonable expectations to complete the job.


The most important tool in positioning your company to sell for top dollar is a Business Profile. The data and descriptions are a professionally prepared report that motivates your prospective buyer to purchase your business.


At SBB we know how important maintaining the confidential nature of your sale is to your business, its employees and suppliers. That means that you can count on us to make all efforts to preserve the confidentiality of your business. Our ads or Internet postings are "blind." Your business' identity is hidden; only the facts necessary to generate Buyer interest are presented. Buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement, provide a financial disclosure and meet with our staff before they can obtain your Business Profile.


The Internet is today's tool for selling a business fast. Thousands of Buyers can be reached every day through leading Internet sites. Our company subscribes to and advertises on these major sites:;;; and more. These sites are the key to marketing your business locally and nationally. Since we live in Florida, our location is very desirable to potential buyers living in the North who want to move to this area. The internet listing provides a way to market your listing to those buyers.


When appropriate, we advertises in the major newspapers in the area. We also advertise in trade and business publications and in business brokerage and M&A publications to ensure maximum exposure for your business. Co-op With Other Business Brokers And M&A Companies. Many business owners don't realize that there is no such thing as a Multiple Listing Service ("M.L.S.") for businesses.

But while businesses are kept confidential by the lack of an MLS system, all too often they are kept secret from potential Buyers because the listing brokerage or M&A firm is protecting their commission. At SBB we work with our national network of business brokers and M&A firms to ensure the timely and successful sale of your business.

provides client companies with winning representation in the crowded world of business sales.
You can depend on us. Call or contact us today.

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